Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can we claim from?

Have I missed the deadline?

No. The deadline does not apply to FSCS cases.

The deadline only applied to claims against companies that are still trading - the FSCS compensates when financial firms have gone out of business.

What period is covered?

PPI claims can only be accepted if the advice was received on or after 14 January 2005.

If the company failed after 1st Jan 2010 you can claim compensation if you bought PPI and the information you were given was insufficient or misleading.

In this case, you can claim 90% of the total claim against the company.

If the company failed before 1st Jan 2010 you can claim 100% of the first £2,000, per eligible person per firm, then 90% of the remainder.

How are you paid?

We work on a no-win-no-fee basis. We will supply you with full details on contact.

What is a Plevin Claim?

You could also receive compensation if the company earned commission for the sale of PPI and did not inform you. This is called a Plevin claim, named after a court case concerning this issue.

How long will the claim take?

The usual period is within 3 months, but it could be longer if the case is complicated.